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1st scientific experience. Spanish Erasmus Club.


1513353480966How to identify which sea is measuring the density of the different unknown concentrations? This has been the first experimental work we have done this month. It has been a scientific experience with students of Secondary and Secondary Education in which we have analyzed the dependence of density with the concentration of salt in water. First we developed the experience with our Erasmus Club and then with other students in our school; In total, about 30 students between 12 and 18 years old enjoyed the first scientific experience. To do this, following the recommendations of the Municipal Laboratory of Seville, our partner in the SWIS project, we prepare different saline solutions with our students, then we measure the density of each concentration and perform the graph that represents the dependence of both magnitudes. we discovered that the different salt concentrations cause the density of these to be different and we determine which seas were in agreement with the values of these densities.atsisiųsti

1st scientific experience. Lithuanian Erasmus Club.


The first experiment took place in December, 2017. The pupils were interested and curious. They followed the instructions carefully and reached their goal! It was fun!

first experiment in Utena Saulė Gymnasium in Lithuania

1st scientific experience. Romanian Erasmus Club.


The students haven’t used already gained knowledge because they will be taught in the second semester. The tasks were easy to comprehend and to do. More difficulties were noticed in the mathematical calculation and the production of the graph.

They showed their lack of experience in working in the lab (the formal curricula introduces more experiments in the second semester), when measuring, and observing the phenomenon and in the interpretation of the results.

Fortunately, they have showed a lot of enthusiasm and, with the help of the teachers, they succeeded to finish the tasks.

The idea of conducting a common experiment with colleagues form other 4 European schools, made them very excited to travel to Seville in May.




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